NYC Treasure Hunt

Could you be a **FleetWit** champion? Find out by joining us for a Treasure Hunt to remember on **Saturday, February 11 2017**.

Compete against other treasure hunters to discover a **$5,000 grand prize** hidden somewhere in NYC courtesy of brain-racing and trivia hub FleetWit.

**How do I take part?**

Sign up on FleetWit; tickets are **$20 each** (130 FleetWit credits). Bring proof of ID on the day so we can verify you’re not a Hunt imposter! Join us at the starting point: **9am Saturday, 11 February at 110 E 28th St (between Lexington/Park Ave. South), New York, NY 10016**.

No prior knowledge or skills are necessary, though a smartphone is a must. Use it to receive important updates about the race, solve puzzles or questions for clues and coordinate with your team.

Use your phone, powers of observation and detective skills to locate the answers to a series of questions and puzzles, each based on an NYC landmark or fact. The first person to reach the final location and discover the hidden prize stash is the winner!

**What do I do on the day?**

The Treasure Hunt begins at **9am** sharp at: **110 E 28th St (between Lexington/Park Ave. South), New York, NY 10016**. It will finish by **12:30pm** at the latest. The pluckiest fortune hunters should allow themselves at least 2 hours to complete the circuit.

Entrants will not be expected to cover more than a half a mile radius in Manhattan. No truffle shuffle, pirate ship plank-walk or dastardly behavior necessary.

Join us after the race for the **awards ceremony** and exclusive Treasure Hunters after-party at **Amity Hall: 80 W 3rd St, New York, NY 10012**. Remember there will be 3 prizes on the day: first prize of $5,000, 2nd of $400 and 3rd of $200.

**What can I win?**

Get set to race alone or, better still, with a trusty team by your side to hunt for clues as you track down the $5,000 top prize hidden somewhere in NYC like a true detective. $400 and $200 prizes are also up for grabs for participants making second or third place.

Fortune favors the brave (and those who enter)...