Welcome to FleetWit.

Race. Win. Celebrate!

The one and only free to play digital brain race! Addictive, real-time gameplay where you race your friends, win real prizes, and have a blast.


So, what exactly is a race?

A set of 8-10 fun challenges that you already know how to play

Word searches, memory games, fill in the blanks, multiple choice questions, matching phrases, and more...

Races are based on a theme like sports, films, or even your favorite brands

oreo / fairway / karmaloop

And they take place at specific times if you want to win prizes

Our live, weekly races are available to play afterwards, but 24-hour races expire once the time is up. Be sure to play at the right time to win!

Looking for more?

Did you say prizes?

Yup! Check out what some of our winners have taken home.

12 classic Mattel games
Won by Chrissy W. on December 8
$1,000 of whatever-you-want at SkyMall
Won by Rob G. on February 9
6 months of BarkBox goodness
Won by Natalie D. on April 13

Wondering what else you can win?

Okay. Now I'm ready to race.