Welcome to FleetWit.

Race. Win. Celebrate!

The one and only free to play digital brain race! Addictive, real-time gameplay where you race your friends, win real prizes, and have a blast.


So, what exactly is a race?

A set of 8-10 fun challenges that you already know how to play

Word searches, memory games, fill in the blanks, multiple choice questions, matching phrases, and more...

Races are based on a theme like sports, films, or even your favorite brands

oreo / fairway / karmaloop

And they take place at a specific time if you want to win prizes

Don't worry though, you can always come back and do any races you missed. But be here on time if you want a prize!

Looking for more?

Did you say prizes?

Yup! Check out what some of our winners have taken home.

12 classic Mattel games
Won by Chrissy W. on December 8
$1,000 of whatever-you-want at SkyMall
Won by Rob G. on February 9
6 months of BarkBox goodness
Won by Natalie D. on April 13

Wondering what else you can win?

Okay. Now I'm ready to race.